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Generate all possible chords including basic chords for beginners, power chords as well as more advanced blues or jazz chords.

Reverse Chord Finder

Find chords that fit a certain fingering pattern or musical notation.

Scale Finder

Find scales that fit a certain chord, melody or riff and explore these scales on a fretboard, a keyboard or in musical notation.

80+ Types of Chords

Perform calculations for thousands of chords.

55+ Types of Scales

Learn more about hundreds of scales.

Better than any online chord dictionary or chordbook

maj min 7
C 291 97 304
D 163 164 115
E 214 413 165
F 111 69 212
G 304 170 159
A 239 240 164
B 96 169 62

Basis of computation:
Guitar, 12 Frets, Tuning E-A-d-g-b-e', Max. Fret Span 3

Rather than building on a limited chord database the Chord Scale Generator uses a powerful and generic algorithm to determine all possible chords for any instrument or tuning.
Therefore, instead of showing just a certain number of pre-selected chord charts the Chord Scale Generator lets you easily find the chords you're really interested in.

The table aside shows the number of possible fingerings for some standard chords and illustrates the huge amount of chords to choose from.